Give Them What They Want. 12 RB categories for a perfect Holiday Gift.

Nothing says holidays quite like crystals. Exclusively for the holidays RB crystal-embellished pin (add RB anywhere), bold crystal necklace or crystal-embellished hairpins for a festive hairstyle.

 More shine — it started with the RB Crystal Mania and it never ended. Choose crystal-embellished shapes in all kinds of materials. A perfect way to make any holiday look a holiday statement. 

Accessorizing your home is a big part of celebrating, accessorizing yourself is no smaller booster of holiday spirit. Discover hand-crafted beaded jewelry for a conversation piece that goes with every gathering. 

The second best thing to a big hug from you is a big hug from our oversized wool-scarf. 

 Who can survive a winter without a favorite beanie hat? Make it one of our wool-blend vibrant RB colors with hand-embroidered detailing. 

 For those who love living in the moment — a tie-dye beanie. Each hat is hand-dyed and has a one-of-a-kind look, where color patterns vary slightly. A poetically curated RB palette, inspired by autumnal harvests and childhood memories of the designer.

We want to keep everyone warm this winter, including the young ones. Beanies for all wast the inspiration for 6 KID beanie colors.

The Faux Fur Frenzy is sweeping the planet, join in with the warmest, fluffiest most stylish shapes that certainly make any winter better. 

 The beret, a must have in every closet. Will it be mint suede, white faux fur, classic black or all the above? 

 The baker boy cap currently needs no introduction. But we'll make one anyway. A signature RB piece that makes a perfect collectible item. 

 The Houstka headscarf — a favorite of the season. Wear it as a scarf, a hood, over a coat or underneath, style with a hat or leave as is. 

And for those who already know what they want but won't give you any clues — the Ruslan Baginskiy Gift Certificate.

Ruslan Baginskiy image
Ruslan Baginskiy image
Crystal-embellished Satin Baker Boy Cap
Ruslan Baginskiy image
Ruslan Baginskiy image
Kvitka-Tsybulka Necklace
"SKARBY/TREASURES" by Ruslan Baginskiy is a testament to the power of design to transport us to different times and places, all while keeping us firmly rooted in the present through physical touch.
Ruslan Baginskiy image
Ruslan Baginskiy image
Hand-embroidered Beanie