Our Lviv pop-up is a place filled with exemplars of Ukrainian beauty. A place to make you feel at home. Inspired by Ukraine, dedicated to our art, our traditions, and our nature.

The beauty of our native land was the driving force behind the interior design. Withal our aesthetics was always built on such notion, from the very first RB collection to the latest one.

Handmade local ceramics, natural textures, and naive rawness are not a backdrop for our headpieces - they are equal parts of a cohesive story we tell together. It's about the wonders of authenticity, the charm of being true to yourself, the commitment to stay strong. And, after all, this is a spot to reunite with our #RBFAMILY

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, our team was relocated to Lviv. In this city the brand was born, in this city our story continues, no matter what. The store was opened in may, 2022.