Ruslan Baginskiy Carpathians, Here and Now.

Dedicated to sustaining creation in Ukraine, dedicated to ‘made in Ukraine’, dedicated to the present moment.

"Developing Ukrainian and developing in Ukraine is a conscious choice from the first day of the brand's existence. Opening another store during the war is crazy, but we don't know any other way. We just know one thing: it is important to be and create. Here and now," Ruslan Baginskiy.

Bold ice-cube installations with RB headpieces frozen inside. The interior of the pop-up is enhanced with objects and materials that incarnate a philosophy of embracing the present moment, whatever it may look and feel like.

Winter après-ski style must-haves — wool-knit beanies, mittens and balaclavas, exposed together with local ceramic and hand-blown glass objects in a technique of local craftsmanship.

Imprints of today. Ice, glass-work are native materials and practices to this mountainous region of Ukraine; they embody time with their very nature. The second when ice freezes, glass hardens. Somewhere in a space between an inhale and exhale, we find 'now'.

Ruslan Baginskiy image
Ruslan Baginskiy image