Face-to-face with summer

Location - Cadaqués, Spain Photographer - Ania Brudna Model - Sveta Potomski

Ruslan Baginskiy summer collection takes inspiration in every hue of the summer sky. Drawing from the warmth of sunrise pinks to pastels of the pale moonlight. The shoot made by a fully Ukrainian team on the beaches in Cadaquès, Spain captures that summer is a feeling. All about the lighthearted spirit of "a-day-in-the-life” of a perfect beach day.

“Face-to-face with summer” – the brand’s message behind the summer collection inspires a personal relationship with sunshine and boldness; both in attitude and style. What feels like a very personal “day-in-the-life” shoot invites one to follow a beach adventure from dusk till dawn. Up close and personal.

The summer collection presents a range of mostly straw and cotton hats, carefully crafted with the brand's signature dedication to artisanal craftsmanship and natural materials, still made fully at the Ruslan Baginskiy production in Ukraine.

Ruslan Baginskiy image
Ruslan Baginskiy image
Monogram-embellished Baker Boy Cap
Monogram-embellished Baker Boy Cap keeps the summer-ish style natural and makes a difference at the same time. This lightweight hat is skillfully constructed from straw, featuring hand-embroidered RB initials. The curved brim provides a chic look while offering sun protection.
Ruslan Baginskiy image
Ruslan Baginskiy image
Monogram-embroidered Beret
Ruslan Baginskiy Monogram-embroidered Beret is a distinctive accent for your outfits. The clean shape and pure light beige color form a laconic combination, which still can’t go unnoticed.
Ruslan Baginskiy image
Ruslan Baginskiy image
Monogram-embellished Sailor Hat
Ruslan Baginskiy Monogram-embellished Sailor Hat apparently looks like a marine-themed headpiece. In fact, it’s a versatility-themed one. This unisex accessory is meant for both city routine and voyage; it can be worn with jackets, dresses, and t-shirts. Being not the most obvious hat shape, the sailor hat evokes