RB Beanies. Tie-Dye.

Ruslan Baginskiy launches a drop of perfectly poetic tie-dye beanies with a palette inspired by the colors of fall.

New Ruslan Baginskiy tie-dye beanie hats feature a poetically curated RB palette, inspired by autumnal harvests and childhood memories of the designer. This Fall/Winter Ruslan Baginskiy captivates the essence of the season; celebrating the last hues before the snow falls. All about the warm, earthy tones to brave the cold.

“The RB color palette was inspired by dyes you could produce with nature’s gifts. The last hues before the snow falls. The hues to brave the cold, all the way through.
We bottled up the specially created tints in paint tins of the RB palette.
Acorns, rosehip buds, solidago flowers — things I would encounter as a kid in my garden.
Things I collected in my pockets. Things that mean Ukrainian autumn to me” shares Ruslan.

The hand-dyed RB beanie color palette includes:

Solidago Taupe - color of the last warm rays of autumn. Color of the Sun, hidden even in Solidago’s name. The lighthouse of a foggy autumn walk.
Black Lentil Blue - color of heartfelt evenings, family gatherings, warm meals and conversations.
Walnut Hull Brown - color of harvests and textures of fall. Color of earth and grounded feelings.
Acorn Grey - color of folk tales and wonders of a big old oak tree. Color of growth, from small to huge. All about curious bits of nature that always end up in one’s pockets.
Rosehip Pink - color of flowers that have become fruit. The color of change and fruition.

Each of the ‘Made In Ukraine’ Ruslan Baginskiy's beanie hats tell a story, weaving together the vibrant mosaic of Ukrainian autumn, childhood memories and craftwork.

Ruslan Baginskiy image
Ruslan Baginskiy image
Hand-Dyed Beanie Hat