Ruslan Baginskiy pieces are made in our Kyiv-based production, but their life begins in your wardrobe. They are meant to complete your outfit from day to night, during adventurous times and on a daily basis. We hope, you will enjoy your RB piece. We are sure, that you will fill it up with your own style and sense, making the piece even more unique. While doing so, don’t forget to follow our Storage & Care guide:

Store your hat on a clean flat surface or place it on a wide flat hook. Make sure that a brim doesn’t bend. 

For your hat to hold its initial shape, stuff it with tissue paper and wrap the crown with paper while storing and transporting. We recommend not to transport a hat in a suitcase filled with other garments.

Knitted pieces should be stored on a dry flat surface.

Direct contact with water may lead to shape deformation, tarnishing of metallic embellishments and trims. Prolonged exposure to high-humidity environment can result in shape and brim deformation of felt hats. We recommend not to wear the hat while swimming and when it’s raining and not to put it on wet hair. 

If your hat gets wet, let it dry naturally with crown and brim in the proper shape.

Dust can be removed with a dry napkin. For cleaning headpieces and accessories don’t use soap, oils, abrasive cleaners, furniture polish, varnish or ammonia. 

Leather pieces require gentle treatment. For removing tough stains use a dry cleaning service.

After a long term sun exposure, a straw hat may change its shade and become darker. Straw and sisal are natural materials, so a slight color change is not considered a defect.

If your hat has metallic embellishments, we recommend to avoid contact with salty air, chlorine, cosmetics and strong chemicals to prevent tarnish as much as possible.

Baker boy and baseball caps have solid peaks, that can change shape or break due to inappropriate storage or transporting. To safe the cap’s shape while transporting, you can use a box or just wear your cap on a plane. 

RB Jewelry Care Guide

To help extend the life of jewelry and preserve its original state, follow these simple recommendations:

Store in clean, dark and dry places on flat surfaces.
Do not sleep, swim or do sports while wearing the jewelry.

To protect from corrosive, chemical and physical impact:

Avoid contact with perfume, cream, cleanser or other cosmetic products.
Avoid contact with water, sand or chlorine.
Avoid extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

With love and care, RB